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, at least. i don't know about john allen. >> wema don't know what's in the 20 to 30,000 pages of e-mails. >> i w know it's sexually explicit, some of it. >> it's triple a. >> thanks, craig. >>> so now to our panel on sex and power and why men like david petraeus or john allen did anything or risking for everything for a bi bit on the side. we're joined by our dear friend, dr. victoria wilson, the owner of the new jersey center for positive psychology. she's sitting along side laura mcdonald, the new york based marriage counselor and the founder and president of lovology university. so doctor, why do men risk everything for a little bit on the side? >> powerful men risk everything for a little on the side because they have larger than normal egos. sense of a entitlement, and they know that their jobs are an aphrodisiac for many volunteers. it's hard for them to resist temptation. >> hard for the men t to resist the temptation? >> it's harder for the men to resist the temptation because you know, we are not monogamous by nature, and men, you know, go back as far as the cave man era w
of a midlevel white house staffer she met in tampa and convinced general john althoughlen and petraeus to send letters to her twin sister natly testifying in a custody dispute. and before her military acess was revoked. she and natly rubbed shoulders with marco rubio and former governor charlie crist. nhave you dated them in >> no. >> jill stayed in touch with general alen after leaving tampa to assume forces. ngeneral alen has to explain 20,000 pages of e-mails what the complea mrs. kelley. some were sexual in nature while the exact nature much her relationship with general alen and petraeus is in dispute, the emerge scandal froze gym alen as supreme allied commander. nis it a celebrity status that makes them susceptible to the inappropriate behavior. >> you have been to deployed areas abroad. people disengage from home here in the united states, and go to deployed, it is it a parallel reality and everything switches off. >> a lot of them are men who are of a certain age and that may be in the early 50s to early 60s, and they are vulnerable and suspept able like all men. npest pet and allen.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)